Who We Are and What We Do for Our People

Who We Are and What We Do for Our People
Photo by Raj Rana / Unsplash

We love our people. Seriously! Everything we do is to support and nurture our people. We even have a Union, run completely separately to the business. When you join VDP, you are instantly given membership to the Union.

Building a Strong and Supportive Union

At Voodoo Park, we believe that a strong and supportive union is essential to creating a positive and productive work environment. Our union represents the interests of our employees and provides a voice for all members of our team.

Our union was established to ensure that our employees have access to fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. It also provides a platform for our employees to voice their concerns and to advocate for positive change within the company. The union is committed to promoting a culture of respect, collaboration, and teamwork, and to ensuring that all employees are treated with dignity and respect.